Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tweed ride!

On Sunday I plan to ride in this. I spent last night hacking horrible womens' suit pants from the 80s into something resembling knickers, and have a bad-ass vest from a thrift store. But no pictures of them. If I manage to acquire fabric early enough I want to make something along the lines of this vest:

It wouldn't look exactly like that, of course, and would probably be grey. But it would be long, made of tweed, and have tails. And there would be some kind of bad-ass pocket system going on. Unfortunately I can't photograph my sketches well at work, so that'll have to wait.

Last night was relaxing - quiet sushi with a friend, and then making things at home. Good for getting my head together, even if the apartment is beastly hot. I must do more of this.

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