Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Here are some concrete, measurable goals:

1. Be more healthy. Exercise. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Get enough sleep. Less alcohol and caffeine, more water. Reasonable portion sizes.

2. Cook at home more often. Expand my cooking repertoire. Think more about what I'm putting into my body.

3. Own less stuff. Get rid of things I'm not using. Avoid buying things I don't need. Always think about whether I can make it myself.

4. Remember niceties. Send thank you notes. Remember birthdays. Wrap presents. Write letters.

5. Better time management. Don't overcommit. Let things go when I need to.

And unmeasurable ones: Dream big. Figure out what I'm doing with my life. Start a marriage. Look fabulous. Travel the world. Build a home. Practice radical self-expression. Make art and magic. Be creative in all things.

I need to do the first bit to facilitate the (much more important in the grand scheme of things) second bit. One of thing big themes of the past couple of months for me has been noticing how the clutter of daily life can build up to the point where it's basically impossible to work on the big stuff. I either overload, and go crazy with stress, or get overstimulated to the point where it's hard to come up with new ideas. This next year is about finding the balance between all the things I want to do, and making room for them.