Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I have things I should post. I need to take pictures.

The following pictures were (obviously) taken with the built in camera on my computer.

At any given time, I have a notebook that I carry everywhere and use to record everything from class notes to to do lists to sketches and random writings. I have a big pile of past ones, with all sorts of stuff in them.

The one I had before this was big, about 12" x 9". It turned out this was really too large. The thing was heavy, and too big for anything smaller than the bag I use when I take my computer places. So I didn't use it as much as I wanted.

My solution was to cut the pages from the old notebook (not show) and use them to make this thing. It was done quickly, and all but the initial sewing was done in a bar while hanging out with friends, so it's not terribly precise. But it's very functional. The cover is some leather I had lying around. The clasp is a magnetic clasp of the sort used on purses. The stitching that holds the signatures together (there are 6) goes through the cover and is exposed on the spine. The strips of leather add stability and can also be used to clip pens etc. onto.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Summertime, and the living is easy

I am still here. I am working full-time-ish, but with very flexible hours so doesn't end up being terribly stressful. Right now I'm at the beginning of the project that'll occupy me for most of the summer. It'll be hard to get motivated until I'm actually implementing something or other.

In crafting/creative news, I have been doing things. Not LOTS of things, but things. I've been sewing a fair amount, including a rather nice dress of green cotton (from a pattern, for instant gratification) and some boxers of entertainingly patterned fabrics for the boyfriend person. I'm also attempting to teach Whitney how to sew from a pattern, and then potentially others. My clothes have generally been boring me, so I'm hoping to make a bunch of things I enjoy wearing over the next few weeks.

The ridiculous striped raglan sweater continues, slowly. It isn't really weather that makes me want to get up close and friendly with wool very often. Gardening has been limited to throwing a bunch of wildflower seeds into the back yard in an attempt to push out the (gigantic) dandelions.

Perhaps I will update this with pictures in a bit. I just dug out my camera, but I probably ought to actually finish working for the day before I go outside to take pictures of things.