Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This Week in My Brain

*I finally uploaded pictures from Burning Man! This one is my favorite:
The rest can be found here. I edited them heavily for half-decent photography, so there aren't many.

*A couple people have linked me to various high quality electronics cases recently. I'm thinking of attempting my own variation on the bookbinding based one at some point. I certainly have plenty of electronics rattling around.

*I've been fascinated with nomad furniture for a while. I bought this book last time I was in Portland, and there are several relevant things on Instructables. The idea is that if you're in the young, urban, semi-itinerant class (like everyone I know) you don't want to acquire lots of large stuff that's difficult to move. Furthermore, you want furniture that disassembles and is easily reconfigurable in different spaces. This has definitely been informing the sorts of things I'm thinking about building for our space, even if I haven't actually gotten around to too many of them.

Another interesting variation is gridbeam, which appears to have a community as well as various projects floating around the web. I don't actually like the look that much, but I appreciate the sentiment.

*Nature! My mom was in town, and we went up to Yosemite for a day and a night and went for a short-but-steep hike. Tom gets extremely happy when out in the woods.
We need to do this more often.

*I spent about an hour last night talking to Jason (yes he's alive!) which was great. It's really nice to have exes that play a positive role in my life. Yay for being grownups I guess? We talked a bit about that, as well as swapping trashy fantasy recommendations. And promised to send each other various media we were recommending. We'll both be in Boston for Thanksgiving (along with many other people I guess?) which will be excellent.

*In my continuing saga of being sort of bored with my clothes, I've also been looking at kinderwhore fashion. Apparently grunge is coming back? I've been listening to riot grrl music again lately as well, so I guess it's topical.

*This podcast. I am a sucker for economic storytelling? Blame my father.

*Thinking about taking more classes at the Crucible. Do I have time? Who knows. I'm thinking maybe welding and a class on jewelry techniques.

*I know I've linked to this before, but I'm having yet another bout of fascination with Alabama Chanin. I've made a shirt, dress, headband and hoodie in this technique, and have cut out the pieces for another dress and tanktop. I've been wearing the first dress constantly. I found the flickr pool for people who've made projects from her books (though apparently there are only about three people who've posted pictures). One of my favorites is here:
detail - Alabama Chanin inspired scarf
I'll try to post later with pictures of the stuff I've made and more details. I picked up these on Sunday for a crazy patchwork dress:
Rainbow of t-shirts
I could happily just wear clothing made this way. It would be seriously labor intensive though.

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