Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sweater progress

Sweater, originally uploaded by alicen.

I finally started a sweater from the yarn Laura gave me last Christmas. The pattern is Vivian. My yarn is quite a bit fuzzier than what's shown (Berroco Peruvia) and sort of mossy green, which makes the whole thing more subtle and organic looking.

t-shirt quilt

DSCN0285, originally uploaded by alicen.

I made a quick-and-dirty quilt from a bunch of oversize t-shirts Tom wasn't ready to throw out yet. It really needs to be quilted a great deal more, but it's so relentlessly tacky that I can't quite bring myself to put more time into it. Being made out of old t-shirts (and an old jersey sheet), it's reeeeaaallly soft though.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Potato Stamps

DSCN0274, originally uploaded by alicen.

While in Portland we made stamps from potatoes an used them to print on fabric. These are some of the results.

Messing around with watercolors

DSCN0198, originally uploaded by alicen.

I have no real idea how to use watercolors, so trying to copy images is at least interesting from a learning control standpoint. (This is a page from Kabuki).

Lemon Marmalade

Lemon Marmelade, originally uploaded by alicen.

Randall's parents had a bumper crop of lemons, so I made marmalade. There was also lemon merengue pie, but I forgot to photograph it.