Sunday, June 21, 2009

reverse applique t-shirt

reverse applique t-shirt, originally uploaded by alicen.

This is one layer of fabric sew to the inside a of a shirt, then the top layer cut away.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Twirly skirt

A skirt made from $3 of fabric purchased at Goodwill. Possibly not my color, especially with the green hair. But very good for spinning around in.

Yellow Skirt

Yellow Skirt

Yellow Skirt

I purchased a rolled hem foot for this because I couldn't stand the idea of ironing the hem (which is at least 7 yards) in the 80+ degree weather. Rolled hem foot for the win! It was wonderfully quick, and looks good. Beyond that it's just a lot of rectangles, gathered, and a drawstring waist. Very, very simple.

I've been sewing a fair amount lately, since I'm mostly done with school. Mostly mending and finishing up old projects, on the logic that I shouldn't be lugging around things I'll never finish. But I have to be moved out in three weeks, so I'll have to wrap things up before too long.