Monday, October 18, 2010

This fortnight in my brain?

* It rained this weekend. It was glorious. Tromping around in it brought back all the best parts of Seattle.

* Yesterday I went on the SF Tweed Ride. I am not one to pass up gratuitous costuming opportunities. I learned that 1. I should totally wear knickers more often and 2. I don't ride my bike enough. I've resolved to make more use of it in the future.

* Someone smashed the window on our car and took a couple of CDs. Annoying.

* Saturday was the big NIMBY party. NIMBY is the warehouse where we build Syzygryd. I worked crew for 2πr and generally made sure people did not light themselves on fire. This was excellent, though cold.

* I don't have many pictures to add to this post. I would like to start carrying a camera more regularly again, or get better about taking and uploading pictures with my phone. Not sure what the solution should be there. I don't spend much time with my personal laptop these days, so photos tend to languish. I still have a major backlog of un-photographed projects.

* About a week ago I spent an hour taking all the clothing I don't wear very often and putting it in a box. I have yet to really notice the difference, so I probably wasn't aggressive enough. Ideally I'd have a small and carefully curated wardrobe of totally awesome things that changed pretty frequently. Something to work towards.

* I've had a number of houseguests recently that haven't gotten mentioned here. I haven't been able to hang out as much as I'd like due to other commitments, but it's been good to see people. It's been a very social Fall.

* Fall means more homey comfort food. In particular, squash. Time to make bright orange soup!

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