Monday, February 5, 2007

Silly Pictures

Here is an arty picture of my paint brushes this afternoon.

I think that it is rather more exciting than the homework assignment I was using the brushes for,

though it's a useful exercise even if all I learn from it is that the reds in pictures taken by my camera are SERIOUSLY off.

I'm debating a bit on what the scope of this blog will be. I'll probably post knitting and sewing stuff at some point. I at least want it to not be all classwork stuff. And we're going to switch over to a longer project soon, so I won't have new stuff from class anyway. But where to draw the line? A garment in progress, okay. A picture of the terrifying orange striped fabric I bought? I don't know.

Someday there will be a picture of my thesis. I will probably be sad when that day comes.

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