Friday, February 2, 2007

Kind of cheating, still


And cold:

These were part of an in class assignment. We had to do them with fairly gigantic brushes, which was fairly frustrating. Accidentally paint-flinging type frustrating. I'm not accustomed to oil paints.

Today was, in general, good, even though I spent rather a lot of it in line at the DMV. My thesis meeting was not a disaster. Moreover, I've managed two weeks of the semester without becoming very sleep deprived or dramatically ill, which is a serious improvement over last time. I ought to have some time this weekend for sewing, which is good as I'm rather sick of my wardrobe.

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LauraJ said...

Thank you. If you post, maybe I'll post. Creative... ha. Maybe. I have never see your drawing/painting before. Once you mentioned the monochrome one was upside down I could see the person.