Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kai's Quilt (with mushrooms)

DSCN1016, originally uploaded by alicen.

I can finally post this, since I did manage to get it over to Jess and Colin a couple weeks ago. The quilt is for Kai, their son, who was born just over a week ago. Jess and Colin are pretty much my first friends to have a kid, so they get get the benefit of my not being sick of making baby gifts (I am told this will kick in at some point). I decided to make the quilt only a few weeks before he was due. I was pretty psyched to actually finish it before he arrived on the scene.

It didn't actually take me all that much time to make, all things considered. The quilting is done by hand, which too most of the total time. But I did that on the bus to work, which worked out pretty well.

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