Friday, June 25, 2010


So, I don't have an engagement ring. I never actually wanted one (they seem silly when you're getting a wedding ring, and the symbolism is weird), but we did decide there should be something. So now I am wearing this:

Alice engagement necklace

And Tom will have this as soon as he gets back from China:

Tom engagement necklace

They are from here. If you can't tell, one of the rings is silver and the other is gold on each necklace. We are digging the simplicity, though our wedding rings will probably be fancier (or at least sturdier). When we get there.

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Jess said...

Those are gorgeous. I love that style of jewelry - beautiful, and slightly rough around the edges. As I said before, engagement necklaces are FTW. Mine is made by the same artist who made our wedding rings, and I love it.