Thursday, December 4, 2008


A while ago (maybe a year? Maybe two?) my brother wanted fingerless gloves. They were great to work on while I was on vacation at my mother's house, but then real life resumed and they were too complex to actually work on while in transit or anything, so they didn't get finished for a long, long time.

Even I think I'm insane for the color work. There wasn't really any pattern except maybe I flipped through Alice Starmore for ideas about patterns at some point. I looked a knitty for ideas about how to divide for fingers, but at this point I basically just wing it anyway. Usually it works out. When you're doing the second one you at least have a template to follow.

And yes, that is a fire flower:

More or less.

Up next: Gloves for my mother, something referred to as a "sorceress dress" from this book which I picked up in New York, and a fuzzy hooded sweatshirt/wizard's robe (or at least the design sketches). Maybe also pictures of the coriolis sock when I stop wanting to strangle Cat Bordhi for her terrible book layout.

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