Saturday, February 23, 2008


The sun came out today, so I could finally photograph things. I actually finished both of these in the past week, though the quilt I started about two months ago. I was having one of those "why am I in grad school?" sorts of weeks, which led to rather more sewing than I'd been doing. Good for sanity. Less so for grades, so I'll be spending this weekend doing work rather than playing.

My life has been full of good madness lately, and also a renewed obsession with comic books. This has me thinking more visually than I was, which is a goodness. But I need to balance these things with actually getting work done.

Without further ado, the quilt:

The second picture gives you a better idea of the size of the thing - it's rather generous on my queen size bed. I was really going for size and utility over skilled quilting. Maybe next time I'll go for something more elaborate. This is my second quilt ever (the first went to Ohio with the ex, never to be seen again. I've asked him to send me pictures to no avail), and is rather less wonky than the first, but I wasn't being particularly ambitions. It didn't actually wind up being much cheaper than buying one, but I like it much better.

Also, a dress. Which was rather difficult to photograph by myself.

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