Tuesday, March 6, 2007

corset mockup

corset mockup, originally uploaded by alicen.

A mockup of an underbust corset that I made a while ago, probably before Christmas. The tutorial was in this thread. There are a number of things I'd do differently if I was making the real thing, like line it and adjust the fit. It laces in front and back, but I'd probably cut it down to just one set of lacing. All of these things I will do, of course, in my copious free time.

(Corsets are particularly unsuitable for my war against my stash, requiring a fair amount of sewing time for less than a yard of fabric. Also my machine sucks and does not like sewing around cable ties I mean boning. So such projects are basically on hold until I've moved and procured a sewing machine that sucks less.)

Off to the East later this week to look at a grad school. And then back West to look at another. At least after that I'll probably know where I'm going to be next year.

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